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Watch Me Flail
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(So I'm about to head off for work, but I feel guilty because I have yet to post any more of my request!fics today.  I AM working on them, though, so they should be here soon.  I feel as though there should be some more Casmund out there, thus I'm offering this sad little rant that ends with surprise!Ben/Skandar.  Well, not a surprise to everyone else now that I said that (SPOILER ALERT!), but it sure as hell was a surprise to me).

At the end of VotDT everyone hugs and it's all sweet and heartbreaking, right?  Well anyone else notice how when Lucy hugs Caspian, she has to launch herself at him  as he stands unmovingly and it's up to him to catch her.  Yet when Edmund and Caspian go in for a hug, both of them move towards each other.  (Also, Edmund sort of buries his head in Caspian's shoulder, but that's another matter entirely.  Well, actually, it isn't.  I just don't have all the squee time I need).
And then in real life, everytime we see Skandar and Ben together Ben has his arm around Skandar.  Now that's normal, but almost every single time he has his arm around Skandar's waist.  With William or any other male costar, from what I've seen, he's either standing close by or has his arm slung around one of their shoulders.  But with Skandar his arm is almost always around Skandar's waist.  What is up with that?  (I have a feeling this is one of those fantasies >>>>> real life moments).

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omg I think I've noticed that about the arm and stuff and also
I might have mentioned this before but someone told me that at the end of VoDT edmund kisses caspian's neck the person who told me said she watched it several times and saw the same thing
plus in the commentary of Prince Caspian the two talk very highly of each other I squealed when ben was like "I love skandar here being all hero" or something like that

I've seen the movie three times (what is my life?) and I'm not really sure. To me it and my friend Merissa it looks like he just buries his head in Caspian's shoulder and maybe takes a whiff or something. My mom (and by God was it terrifying to hear her say this) thinks he kissed Caspian's neck. I don't really know, either option is fine with me. :D

I actually just watched the commentary for both movies yesterday and I noticed that too. I was expecting Ben (Bones, Bin Bones) to be chatting it up and was really surprised at how quiet he was. The only time he ever really talked was when another person prompted him to or when he was complementing Skandar.

Which kind of cracked me up. Everyone would be talking about a scene with Anna and William and all of a sudden here come Ben with "That glare... smoldering... smoldering." or "I really love Skandar in this scene." Always about Skandalous. :)

Okay... As I work in the cinema and see the ending of this movie few times every day...

IMO Edmund wants to kiss Caspian but stops himself in last possible moment so it still looks a lot like kiss.
And the whole goodbye between them is REALLY heartfelt and I so see Ed whispering I love you.

(And I SO understand... this sexy neck.. *rawr*)

Haha, I have no idea. I wouldn't blame Edmund in any way or form for either. I can see Edmund stopping himself, little buggers over a thousand years old and can't even tell when someone feels the same way.

Have come to your flail post via the E/C comm, btw.

It's probably because Skandar's short, compared to him? Easier to throw an arm round the waist than the shoulder, if someone's kind of a midget.

Also, while squee is very much all of the goodness, could we maybe not say "Casmund"? I cannot speak for the community you flailed at as whole, but I know its founders, and they are much in favour of characters in themselves, rather than characters-as-part-of-a-pairing, and I feel "Edmund/Caspian" or "Ed/Cas" or even "E/C" would work better than a name smush thing. Mostly because name smushes are, uh, wonky.

ALso I need to watch VotD again.

If it was because he was short, wouldn't the shoulders be easier? Higher up than the waist. *Shrugs*

And usually I do say E/C or something like it, I just... didn't in this post. Sorry if it offended you.

It didn't offend, don't worry. It just made me do a horribly pained physical movement that, honestly, wasn't much fun and I'd rather avoid in future.

You can't throw your arm around the shoulder of a midget really easily, cos it's... patronising? Or something? Anyroad, the shoulders are the friendly place. The waist, also a friendly place. I am not disagreeing with you at all; I'm just trying to find ways for it to look innocent so the rest of the world can bugger off and not judge us for seeing it.

I totally understand since I'm usually not that big a fan of it either. I don't know what made me use it those post since I mostly just type initials for those things. Huh.

I would be completely okay with it if it were just friendly. I just like imagining it to be otherwise. And the world, well, my half of it is pro S/B and E/C so eh, not much worried bout the other half. But I do see your point since I've had those freak out moments where I imagined a star coming across one of my posts about "homoerotic undertones".

Since I am both Pro Casmund-Cas/Ed-C/E-whatever you'd like to call it as weel as Pro Ben/Skan, I have to say that I notice all the small things.

I started out as a Cas/Ed shipper, but then I went back and listened to the commentary from Prince Caspian, and even the freaking interviews (Ben comments about Skandar a LOT) and can't help but think that there's something there. He does hold him around the waist a lot, and I think that speaks something more because as a taller person, whenever I go to hold onto a friend, the shorter they are, the more likely I am to drape my arm across their shoulder. Unless I want to be really close with them then I make the effort to wrap my arm around their waist.

From this point, (not that it makes me see any Cas/Ed less) I sometimes wonder if it's not because of Ben and Skandar that we see so much Cas/Ed. Like they couldn't hide it and it even shines through in all that they do on screen (which is unbelievably cute in my fangirly heart).

On to the hug at the end, I agree that when it comes to Lucy, she does more of the work, but he does turn to her. However, as you said, with Edmund they both step to each other and it's not just a hug... it's like... Edmund presses his face into Caspian, grips him, tightens his grip. The two pull closer together before releasing. It has so much meaning there to me.

So yes. Crazy tinhat shipper lady over here. But I don't mind. Because even without my tinhat, I could see this haha.

Tinhats are completely welcome here, in fact, they are rejoiced!

I'm one of those people that always moves and touches so when I'm with a friend shorter than me I usually have my arm around their shoulders. I rarely wrap my arm around a friend's waist if they're shorter because it always seemed awkward to me. So when I saw those pictures I was sort of a mixture between general curiosity and shipping delight.

I tend to think there's something going on between actors if I ship they're characters together. Like some of the people I know will ship a fictional couple and when I ask them why they say something like "eye fucking" or something along those lines. Yet when asked about the actors they think it's innocent, which I find kind of weird. If two characters are not meant to be seen in a romantic relationship and, in this case, are meant to view each other as brothers why would the actors intentionally eye each other up on screen? Hmm? So I completely agree with you on that.

Simply put: I agree! Of course it _might_ just be the fact that I obsessively ship Edmund/Caspian, but Ben and Skandar do seem to be awfully touchy-feely around each other. Dunno, could be they just are like that, but since I'm not it makes me think all kinds of lovely naughty things. ^_^ Usually i'm not one for rps but ... it's just... you know, Skandar with his intense eyes and seriousness and that I'm-thinking-something-naughty-but-I-won't-say-anything aura that's floating around him... and as if that's not enough we have Ben being just simply gorgeous and and joking around with Skandar and... you know what I mean, you're all fangirls, right? No need to stress the obvious.

I ship E/C like it's going out of style, so at first I thought it was my imagination. But Ben's always complementing Skandar in the Prince Caspian commentaries and they're always just that much closer to each other than they are with the others. And I'm not one for RPS either so, IDEK. Something about those boys makes me think dirty thoughts.

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