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Voyage of the Dawn Treader
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Yesterday tolielikeyou and I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in theaters and it was amazing.  So, in the need to babble pointlessly, I have decided to post my thoughts here on the off chance that someone will read and comment.

Okay, first off, Edmund/Caspian slash was huge and everywhere.  It's as if the writers sat down and said "Peter isn't in this one, so who shall we slash Edmund with in order to gain the love of fangirls?"  and then lo and behold, Ben showed up on set with Skandar and E/C was born.  I have literally never shipped non canon slash without watching the movie/show more times than once, but I was sitting in the theaters just waiting for them to make out or something.  It easily surpasses Peter/Caspian, in my personal opinion,  though I think it'll be a LONG time before it ever passes up Peter/Edmund, who are my OTP for life.  (^Icon^)  I especially love how they only mentioned Susan once in this movie in regards of, what do they call it?  Suspian?  I don't know, something like that.  Nothing against the ship itself, but I just found this wonderful.

Also, am I the only one who found the fight scene on the boat with serpent hilarious?  Not because of the scene itself because, you know, death bad, pretty people good.  But I loved how Lucy's running around on board, trying her best to help fight off the serpent and Caspian doesn't seem to give a flying flip.  I mean I'm sure she can look after herself, being Queen Lucy the Valiant and all, but she has to only be in her early teens and I mean, come on, deadly serpent here!  And what's Caspian doing?  Shouting at and watching out for Edmund and trying to protect him, even though it seemed to me Edmund remembered his times as a leader well.  I just find it amusing that between watching out for a young Queen Lucy or a older (though still young) King Edmund the Just he picked the latter.

And that is all I can think to write at the moment, so bye and thanks for reading!

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LOL, you're right, Caspian was really uninterested in Lucy throughout that whole fight!

Awwww, boys. :D

So desperate was he to protect his ~secret~ lover.

lmao I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it
I totally agree edmund/caspian surpassed peter/caspian
and the end i was just like "kiss already"

I didn't notice it until an hour after the movie, and when I did it thrilled me. (*Is a dork*)

I might be slightly biased on the whole P/C thing since they were never my cup of tea, but yeah E/C rocks.

when the credits rolled by I ended up laughing and the slashiness that was protrayed in the movie and my sister just shook her head lol
well I do like p/c but I watch videos for them more than read fics but for e/c I totally read fics and watch vids and im going to have to wait til the VoDT comes out on dvd cause i have some video ideas and I have fic ideas which is not good at all since I have school and i have so many unfinished stuff for my other fandoms

Yeah, I always found it funny how utterly slashy these movies seem to come out.

I've been wanting to write an E/C fic, but would probably have to rewatch Prince Caspian before I did it. But I can't wait to see some of your fics if you ever do write them!

I just might have to if this bunnies won't go away and one of my ideas isn't a happy one

Yay! And angsty stories are my thing, so I can't wait.

Oh, dear you!

You are entirely too right! Caspian had his eyes and thoughs fixated into Edmund through the whole movie; and now you mention it, the fight scene with sea dragon would end up by Caspian showing Edmund what he thought about endagering himself... If only rating and screen time allowed ;)

*joins the squee* I just saw the movie this past Monday, and you're absolutely right, there's more subtext than you can shake a stick at! You know, at first I made a mental effort to take off my slash goggles since I was so sad about Peter & Susan's absence, but... but then the duel scene happened, and Edmund and Caspian just handed me shiny new goggles ON A SILVER PLATTER. xD Seriously, just-- how epic was that scene?! And pretty much every other scene with them :D

I have a hard time deciding for which there was more subtext, Peter/Caspian or Edmund/Caspian... Peter & Caspian had the whole rivalry!sex thing going for them, at least in the beginning, and I for one was unwilling to see the subtext at first. Because, y'know, Edmund was right there, and maybe I could have happily shipped Peter/Caspian if he'd been absent for some reason, but he was there (and still so slashable with Peter! *_*). Edmund and Caspian, on the other hand, have the makings of a more, I don't know, equal relationship, maybe. I just can't see Peter willingly submitting to anyone but Edmund in a relationship, even though he did pass down his crown to Caspian in the end. But I quite agree with you--Peter/Edmund will forever be my OTP and nothing can ever live up to them! ♥

... wow, that was long--sorry for rambling! ^.^ (And I never noticed Caspian's mostly ignoring Lucy during the fight with the serpent, lol! But now that you mention it, it's fairly obvious! Caspian obviously fails at the whole ~secret relationship~ thing. XD ♥)

I did too since I didn't think there would be anything worth slashing... I was wrong XD

I pretty much agree with this whole thing.

Yes, Caspian would get an F if there were a test on secret relationships.

Agreed. :-D

Caspian/Edmund was some sort of "fan service", big time.

The scene where they are crossing swords aboard the Dawn Treader almost made me squeal. Guh.

How much innuendo was in that scene?!

Dunno, but it certianly make sexual vibes *vibrates* in the air.
When I was watching the movie, I was thinking to myself 'There is no way they planned to look and sound the way it does. I mean, this movie is more slash then Brockback Mountains!"

I imagine when people of the prod, when the film is finished, are all watching this and there is a big silence at the end until someone say:

"Umm... It's for 12 years old girls anyway. SO they can REALLY get it, no?"

*burst in laughers*

Please, the whole theater was shaking with the ~vibes~.
I imagine there was one person watching it being made with this little smirk on his face and when someone asks why he just says "Nothing, nothing at all." before laughing. Mostly because that person would be. *Wheres slash goggles like they're going out of style*

My niece wanted to go see so I took her (I didn't mind, really. By really I mean at all). She's thirteen and was smirking throughout the whole thing. That little devious ones when teenagers are thinking dirty thoughts and think they're being sneaky. When I asked her why during final credits she said, and I quote, "So, I guess this is a message from God/Aslan stating that he approves of gays?"

I was so proud.

OMG that is epic I would have been proud if my niece said that but she's only six and we didnt go see it together but my sister on the other hand knew exactly why i was smirking and giggling at the end of it
so apparently and this is here say which someone told me but apparently edmund does kiss caspian on the neck at the end according to the person who told me and they said they say it multiple times

Either you've influenced in you niece very much OR (and this is what I think) Edmund and Caspian were just very very very obvious. Seriously, or maybe when we were given out the 3D-glasses they made a mistake and gave us slash goggles.... hmm... that would explain.

But that doesn't explain the ruthles flirting in that on board duel in the beginning, with or without gaydar and slash goggles, IT WAS THERE... that was when I thought "why the hell did I agree to come and see this with my BOYFRIEND AND HIS MOTHER!?!?!?!" and the rest of the time I just had to hold back my smirks and you can guess how well that worked out... +_+ Seriously, Ben & Skandar should not be in the same movie. Ever. It should be illegal. Officially. Causes people to faint from all the intense looks and stares.

Also about the seasnake fight, but think again: which would you choose to protect, Edmund or Lucy? Come on... xD

Indeed more slash than Brokeback Mountain. So. Much. More. *goes to read fanfiction and drool*

I don't think I influenced her, she's just that awesome. But they were very obvious because even my mom was raising a few eyebrows and she's the most oblivious person ever when it comes to subtext.

I could not have held back. I literally almost flailed in my seat. It should be illegal because they're practically my dream guys. So two of them together, on one screen, getting up close and personal? *.*

I think I'd want to protect Lucy. I mean she's just so innocent and cute, I'd be freaking out if she got hurt. And Caspian supposed to be this chivalrous king, right? So why was he just like yeah, okay, whatever with Lucy and OH MY GOD WATCH OUT with Edmund. Suspicious behavior is suspicious.

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