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Letters from the Sky
narnia; edmund and peter pevensie
Author:  holdsustogether 
Rating:  PG
Warning:  Slash and incest. 
Pairing:  Edmund/Peter
Summary:  One of these days I will hold you like the sun holds the moon.
A/N:  I sort of ran away with the moon and sun metaphor and then included some old mythology.  I am writing an incestuous slash story based on old mythology that surrounds two characters from a child's christian book.  What is my life?  But I really actually like how this turned out and hope that dayari, who requested a P/E fic with Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight, does too.

The sun and the moon have always been both united and separated.  Sharing a sky and Earth, yet worlds apart as one rises and the other sinks.

Peter Pevensie is born in a golden summer, the warmest that could be had in England.  Many Narnians state that as he was born the world rejoiced with his cries.  Edmund Pevensie is born just as the freezing fingers of winter withdraws into a blooming spring.  It is a fact that wouldn't be seen as ironic until many years later.  There is an old legend whispered that he did not calm until every smear of winter born sludge melted away.  They are raised to love each other in that guarded way all males are, with barely there words and too loud actions.  It could have been their end and is almost their breaking point. 

Key words being could have and almost.

There is an old legend involving the moon about a God named Tecciztecatl.  A God of the moon who could have been worshiped with the sun, but was too fearful of its burning flames.  He was cast away to the moon, carrying the too heavy burden of past mistakes.

Edmund should not look innocent in any way or form.  His smile is wide and shining, but is saturated with mischief.  Ebony dark hair frames brown eyes that are shadowed with an age all the Pevensie children carry with them, but also with the increasing size of the White Witch's memory.   Somehow, though, he could be seen as an angel.  A fallen one, but an angel none the less.

Nanauatzin is said to be a humble martyr in many legends.  Sacrificing himself to the raging fire in order to shine down on Earth.  He is both worshiped and mourned, an everlasting name in a mortal body.

Peter is both broken and perfectly fine in the worst kind of ways.  A king--the magnificent--trapped inside a body that is too young for him, but completely his.  Trapped between the longing for his people--wanting and needing, yet still so disbelieving--and his family--mother and father, so naive to what's out there, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund so painfully aware.  He is not an angel, but rather resembles Icarus in his innocent fall.

Somehow, though, it came to be known that stars burned bright only with the passion of others.  With love.  Its an old fable, a child's tale that grew.  Of course, those are always the best stories.  And so it came to be known that each day as the sun and moon share the sky a star is born. 

In the end they find their way to each other.  They will never see it that way, believing that they had always been standing side by side.  Yet it is how Narnia will see it and, one day, how the universe as a whole will believe it to be.  Brought together by betrayal and a hate that's intensity is fake.  They kiss and grasp and struggle, never perfectly content in any middle ground.  The way it comes to be with fire and ice, moon and sun.  Loving without restraint and never truly calm, but instead heatedly. 

And just look at the sky.  Shining by the billions, trillions.  A star for every kiss and every single wish to be closer.  A love told in light and dark. 

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Oh, this is so beautiful... thank you for writing it! :D I don't know most of the mythology you mentioned (only Icarus' story), but I still like how you've incorporated it into the fic. Your descriptions are perfect, and I really love the bit about their birthdays in the beginning! Great job! ♥♥

I'm incredibly glad you liked it! To tell you the truth, I hod to look up the info on the sun and moon gods. :) And the birthday thing had been in my head for a long time, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes it.

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